Curious about the 2015 Medicaid allowances? Here they are from the elder law section of the Hawaii State Bar Association:

  • The Community Spouse Resource Allowance is the amount that the spouse who is still living in the community (i.e. not in a nursing home) is allowed to own with their spouse still qualifying for Medicaid. That number for 2015 is $119,220 (up from $117,240 in 2014).
  • The Community Spouse Monthly Maintenance Needs Allowance (the “MMNA”) is the amount of income that the community spouse gets to keep each month. In Hawaii, this can include income from the spouse living in the nursing home. For 2015, the MMNA is $2980 (up from $2931 in 2014).
  • The home equity limit is the amount of equity you can have in your home and still have your home count as an exempt asset for Medicaid. For 2015, the home equity limit is $828,000 (up from $814,000 in 2014). Remember, home equity over this limit may still be exempt if the community spouse, a child under age 21, or child who is blind or disabled still resides in the home.

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