Google Now Offers Digital Estate Planning Services

Now more than ever, Americans are storing sensitive information and financial accounts completely online. Estate planning attorneys are scurrying to find the best way to deal with digital assets when creating estate plans for their clients. A recent article discusses how new Google developments will allow users to simply select account preferences to determine what… Read More »

Do You Have a Right To Your Inheritance?

In the absence of a vested right, an interest in the estate of another is merely an expectancy. This means that, until the person dies, the beneficiary does not have an absolute right to inherit anything. Conversely, once an interest in a will has vested, a beneficiary has an enforceable right against an estate. A… Read More »

Succession Planning For The Family Business

It is simply imperative that individuals who own a family business put a succession plan in place. A recent article offers several tips for getting started on a succession plan for your family business. In order to plan for the unexpected, business owners should have a succession plan in place as soon as possible after… Read More »

Estate Planning for Your Family

As a recent article points out, putting together an estate plan is one of the most important things a parent can do for his or her children. Parents must plan for the fact that they will not be around forever and ensure that their children will be properly cared for should the unexpected occur. One… Read More »

The Infamous Sandwich Story and What it Means to You

If you haven’t yet heard this one, here’s a recap: Pregnant and hungry, an Oahu mom brought her 2-year-old daughter and husband to Safeway to buy food on October 26, 2011. They bought two deli sandwiches on special for $5 and ate them while shopping. At checkout, they forgot to pay for the eaten sandwiches… Read More »

Estate Planning for the Young?

Estate planning needs a new name. When most people think of estate planning, words like elderly, wealthy, or death often come to mind. It also conjures images of vast tracks of land surrounded by high fences or gigantic portfolios. However accurate the word associations that go with “estate planning” may be, one thing is certain:… Read More »

Protecting Your Child’s Identity

Aloha Friend! Mele Kalikimaka and Happy Holidays! I hope this note finds you significantly better prepared for the holidays than me. My parents arrived on island Saturday and are staying until APRIL, so now that the calvary has arrived (read: backup child care!), I am definitely having a happy holiday! As though you don’t have… Read More »