Two Businessmen Looking Face to Face and Playing ChessScientists at Massachusetts General Hospital studied the brains of 65-year-olds with the memory and attention of 25-year-olds. Their conclusion? Work hard at something.

“Vigorous exercise and bouts of strenuous mental effort” may do the trick, says last week’s New York Times article (How to Become a Superager)

by one of the study’s authors, Lisa Feldman Barrett. This is not your average Sudoku puzzle—according to Barrett, “You must expend enough effort that you feel some ‘yuck’,” and then push past it.

A little “yuck” for a Supergranny with the brainpower of a 20-something (minus all the beer, drama, and poor life choices) and the life experience of a 65-year-old? Sign me up.

I’m assuming it comes with a purple cape.

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