Your children depend on you. And if something happens to you, their well-being could very well depend on your estate plan.

Without a properly designed and implemented plan in place, your children could:

  • Be placed into the care of Child Welfare Services. While this might “only be for a short while,” and a more permanent solution may be found, your children could be put into the custody of someone you would never have chosen yourself
  • Be subjected to a long, stressful custody fight
  • Lose some of the assets you have left to them through court costs and fees
  • Be vulnerable to predators when they reach adulthood and receive their inheritances

Traditional estate planning lawyers often fail to take matters such as these into account because they do not focus on planning for children. We do. We offer all of our estate planning clients with minor children our proprietary keiki protection planning.

The keiki protection planning is a set of instructions and legal documents capable of providing for your children according to your wishes in the event you pass away while they are still minors. With this plan, your children will never be taken into the custody of Child Welfare Services, or anyone else you would not want, simply because the police lack clear instructions or a judge you have never even met has authority to make decisions on your behalf. You choose the person who will raise your children in the event something happens to you, not the government or the court.

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